Weedmaps Presents: High Standards™

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The Ultimate 420 Party Game | Powered by Weedmaps

  • PLAY TOGETHER: Best played together with a group of 4-10 family and friends. This is the best 420 party game that is ever released so far. Dive into the world of everything 420 with 100 fresh mini-game cards. A great way to keep every round new and exciting!
  • STAY IN: Bars are overrated anyways! High Standards is the perfect stoner gift for the adult game night or an on-the-go trip. From categories to dares, challenges do Pitch The Invention, there's a game for everyone!
  • OLD & NEW: High Standards comes with many gameplays, from old classics like "Categories" and "Truth or Dare" to new games like "Pitch The Invention" and "What's My Price?"
  • WARNING: This game was created for ages 21+. Because weed box games are for adults. Remember, this adult card game is NSFW!
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