HotBox™ Base Game


  • Pairs with Indica for a night-in
  • Pairs with Sativa for a higher energy time
  • A great way to spend time inside
  • The perfect gift for any 420 fan
  • A great way to confuse your parents
  • 4-10 players
  • Hours of fun
  • Packed with questions, answers and dares!
  • This complete base pack comes with 420 cards
  • Co-written by the legendary Cypress Hill

HotBox™ is proudly co-written with

HotBox™ - Cypress Hill Expansion Pack


Behind The Game: HotBoX™

HotBox™ was written by an international team of 420-loving comedians. The group worked for months collaborating on the top cards, sharing jokes and experiences. No one knows the 420 world quite like Cypress Hill, who joined the project and wrote cards of their own. The Cypress Hill cards are in the main packs and the Cypress Hill Expansion Pack, which is fully written by the guys. The HotBox™ writing team was internationally diverse, showcasing the humor and comedy from many backgrounds and walks of life.